All organic curb appeal

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All Organic Curb Appeal

Nashville organic LandscapingWe recently did a project we are calling
(All Organic Curb Appeal).
The photos posted here are from a Nashville client that requested an all organic approach to the installation of the design we created for them.
The soil that was added to the beds was a leaf  compost / soil mix. We also added 7 bags of all organic compost to the beds which was tilled in.

Nashville Organic Gardening

This project included interesting modern plants like    (Silver Scrolls Heuchera), and (Compressa Junipers) to frame the walkway at the entrance. Now this Nashville Residents’ home has an upscale feel while also being easy to care for with low maintenance
plants that are also drought tolerant.

The Coral Bells ( Heuchera Silver Scrolls ) Nashville green organic landscapingties the whole landscape together. With Hosta and Hydrangea for shade, the light requirements were taken into account for all plantings. Most modern landscape plants are acidic. We also used Pinestraw Mulch because it breaks down acidic while aerating the soil with organic matter.

Nashville Landscaping We want to do your all organic curb appeal landscaping in the Nashville Middle Tn area.

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