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Brentwood Landscape Design

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 Below are Images from a Brentwood Landscape Design from 2012.

After you enjoy these images look for the contact link for our service.

On the landscape design images below we changed the shape of the patio and position of various items like a fire pit or fire place, seating wall, and even a water feature to show our landscape design client possibilities that could be had in the back yard. Our landscape clients are able to make requests to see changes in materials like pavers vs concrete and plants.
View of Stone Patio through windows on house.

View from the sky looking down at the corner.

Arbor and Tree with stone patio.

Side view of the landscape design for Brentwood TN.

Japanese Maple with Stone patio and fire place with pergola.

Top down view of the landscape design.

Nashville Backyard Landscaping

Nashville Fire pits

Landscape design image in Brentwood TN

Nashville Paver Patio

Nashville Outdoor Patio.

Nashville Brick Patio.

Franklin Tn Backyard Landscapes with patios fire pit and water feature

Franklin Patios with Arbor, wall, Grill, and pond landscapes.

Franklin Tn Landscaping for Back yards with Cedar Arbors, flagstone, and outdoor grills.

Franklin Tn Patios and outdoor spaces where you can relax and grill by the warmth of a fire pit and listen to the sound of a waterfall.

Franklin Tn Pond Waterfall Arbor Table and Chairs near an Outdoor Grill. Entertainment space for the Back yard landscaping area.

Brentwood Vinyl Fence TN Tennessee

Tennessee Masonry Stone walls, patios, and grills for outdoor entertaining.

Tennessee Outdoor Rooms back yards landscaping and design ideas

nessee Back Yard Designs of Landscapes, patios, grills, Arbors, stone patios, fire pits, seating, entertaining and more.

Tennessee patio designs curvy or square with seating and eating space plants and stone work masonry

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We provided services to clients in the Nashville Tennessee area and this is what they had to say:

By Dalton Quigley

Thank you letter from the Spring Hill TN Garden Club February 2015


Quigley’s Testimonials – Client Testimonials

( Testimonial Project completed March 2014 )

We recently used Dalton and his crew for a paver patio and fire pit addition adjacent to our deck. We could not have been more pleased with the price, timing, and finished product. Dalton showed his experience and people skills during our initial meeting listening to our ideas and providing feedback of his own.( Dalton keeps up with new technology in his profession) In a short time we made all the necessary decisions to move forward. His crew was professional and courteous and it was obvious they payed very close attention to detail in all phases of the work including the disposition of the excess dirt and ensuring proper drainage. When a company provides a project on time, on budget, and is responsive to the the customers needs you have a great formula for success. I would highly recommend Quigley’s Landscaping for any type of landscaping project. Sincerely, Spring Hill TN. Dwight Ch

Spring Hill Tn Client Testimonial about a Landscaping project building a Belgard 3 piece patio with fire pit


We are so pleased with Quigleys Landscaping. Our patio and fountain are exactly what we were hoping for. The work was completed on time, on budget, and the look is terrific. Dalton was a joy to work with. He listened to our ideas and  used his extensive experience and knowledge to design the perfect program for us. We strongly recommend Dalton and his company.
Tim S
Franklin Tn


Gary T Nashville Tn –Dalton, Ann and I love our trompenberg japanese maple. Thank you for delivering a more mature speciman with a larger caliper than we ordered and your tips on watering and care for the tree.We found you to be dependable,honest, courtious and accomadating and will not hesitate to call Quigley\’s Landscaping for our next project. Thanks again,
Nashville Trompenburg Japanese Maple
Gary T
Nashville Tn


My husband and I are thrilled with Dalton, his work and his crew! We had some challenging issues with our backyard being on a significant slope upwards. He installed a french drain, and laid natural stone steps in two problem areas that are not only beautiful, but are highly functional. The crew showed up where and when scheduled, worked efficiently, neatly and quietly. We even had overnight guests while they were here and there was no disruption of our living pattern. I can\’t say enough good about the outcome. We plan to use Dalton for some additional landscaping projects. I would recommend him with no reservations. He goes above and beyond. Thanks Dalton and crew!
Nashville Tn Stone Steps
John and Sandy
Bellevue Nashville Tn

After a huge renovation on my 1950 home in the downtown area of Franklin. I now have the curb appeal I’ve been waiting for to reflect all the work that has been done. Dalton was very easy to work with and extremely helpful in selecting the plants for my yard. I have mature trees and wanted them as my focal point. I wanted flowers that were color coordinated and fragrant plus… low maintenance, insect and draught resistant! A pretty tall order but he delivered and I am very happy. He also was able to incorporate herbs into the landscape so now I can step out my front door and snip something for the pot on the stove. I am very excited about my yard. Dalton is very committed to customer satisfaction, on arrival at 7am (just as he said he would) he wanted me to look at everything before it was planted, seeking my approval. He finished late in the day. I felt his prices were reasonable but more importantly I felt his enthusiam for his work quite refreshing. And that is priceless!

Modern Green Curb Appeal
Franklin Tn,

My husband and I decided to hire someone to make a nice level spot on our property for a swing-set and play area.  We are so happy we found Dalton Quigley!  He came to our home to discuss what I had in mind at my convenience. He is very accommodating and patient!  He remeasured the work area for me several times to get exactly what I wanted.  Best of all, the project was done within a few days after our initial meeting. Overall, we are very happy with the outcome and reasonable cost of the project.

Nicole and Bill

Thompsons Station, Tn

Franklin Tn. Upscale Shade Garden
Dalton was great to work with.  He spent a great deal of time with us working on the plan for our landscaping and really worked to understand our taste.  He stayed with it until we were satisfied.  He was creative and made choices that really were interesting but didn’t require too much maintenance.  Our landscaping now looks wonderful!
Mike and Tammy, Franklin, Tn.

Deidre Murfreesboro then moved to Brentwood Tn – “We had landscape work done by Dalton Quigley in order to sell our home and increase curb appeal. Our home sold in only 3 months- a miracle in the current market.  The workers were polite and efficient.  We were very obviously very pleased with the outcome, as evidenced by again requesting services for our new home.  Dalton was able to assess what we were envisioning and to pull it off well within our proposed budget and timeframes.”

Dianne and David Brentwood Tn, photo above March17, 2009 We landscaped this year instead of taking a vacation for Spring Break. Really, Really worth it. We will enjoy our beautiful yard for years to come! Dalton did our neighbors yard and now our landscaping is equally georgous! Thanks Dalton!

Franklin Testimonial:

Dalton and his crew showed up early in the morning and were finished by late afternoon.  It was no easy project either.  I had stumps and shrubs to pull up and all of my flower beds around my house were a complete mess.  My place went from looking like a disaster to being a clean and inviting environment.  The maintenance is now so much easier as well!  Dalton did exactly what I asked without me having to shadow him at all.  I needed my work done by a certain date and with only a few days notice, he rearranged his schedule to fit me in and get the job completed. His price was reasonable and his work was superb.  I couldn’t be any more pleased with the landscaping done by Quigley’s.


Mike Brentwood Tn — “Dalton recently helped us out after we had an accident where someone literally drove an SUV through our house. Our yard had broken glass in it as well as destruction to the lawn and a tree that was in the path of the vehicle after it left the road. Dalton was the only landscaper that took the time and cared enough to actually come out and even offer an estimate in a reasonable amount of time. I had called 2 of the largest landscapers in the Brentwood area, and both were either too busy or required a large sum of money to even give a referral. Dalton responded very quickly, and he invested himself personally in every step of the process after we first met. Dalton’s prices are not only more than reasonable & the work that he does exceeds what you would expect if you were to pay significantly more. His love of landscaping and creative vision allows him to come up with ideas that most other people would die to have. He sees things and can give you ideas and suggestions that are truly amazing, and it is just his nature. Dalton completed the job quickly and thoroughly, and his follow-up was impressive. I caught him driving out to our house a couple of time on the weekend just to drive by and look at everything. I don’t think that there are any other landscapers in Nashville or Middle Tennessee that would do this, and it just goes to show you how much he truly cares about what he does. Because of the circumstances of the accident at our house, my hands were more than full dealing with contractors and construction going on inside the home – I had very little time to deal with the landscaping. Dalton took care of everything while taking a minimum amount of my time, and I was happy that it worked out that way, I left a lot of discretion to him, and we are more than 110% happy with the results. To top everything off, he is one of the nicest human beings that I have met, and I hope that he stays my friend for a long time to come, because there really aren’t that many people like him around.”



Weldon Spring Hill Tn — We bought our lovely home 3-1/2 yrs. ago and immediately began adding trees and shrubs to the empty areas around the house, but we always overlooked the front of the house.  The “welcome” side to our home was blank…no color…nothing to draw you in to our home….taller shrubs had been placed in front of shorter ones…the front door area was just not inviting.  With Dalton Quigley’s visionary eye he transformed “plain” into “look at that again.”  He has brought a “come on in” look to the most important side of our home.  We can’t wait to watch the color appear in the Spring.  Thanks again Dalton, for a wonderful job!



Todd from Franklin: We recently had some landscaping done by Dalton Quigley and we are very pleased with the results. Dalton did a great job making suggestions on plants and arrangements and helped us to stay within a budget. His communication and follow-up were excellent and he performed the work in the agreed upon time frame. I will not hesitate to call him again should I require some additional landscaping and give him an A++ recommendation! Thanks Dalton.


Now we want you to get in touch with us at our Contact Page.


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Nashville Landscape Products and Services Meeting FEBRUARY 2012

You must contact us to get on the list to receive the exact date and time!


Not open to the Public. Favorite/Bookmark this Page

Business Owners Welcomed.

Every few months we hold a meeting of industry owners for the purposes of networking with our industry professionals. The date and time
are not being disclosed on this page so we can keep the meeting private, Call or E-mail us for more infomation.

Who is invited to attend?
Business owners or their representatives who provide service work or products that service the outdoor industries listed below:

Lawn Care, Landscaping, Irrigation, Hardscapes, Outdoor Lighting, Nurseries, Sod People, Landscape Chemical and Soil companies, Mulch Companies, Stone companies, Landscape Designers, Landscape Installers and Maintainance Pros, Tree Companies and support people, Concrete and Outdoor Room Businesses, Drainage and Erosion Businesses, and others not listed that service outdoor industries like Equipment Sales, Rental, and Repair Services.

If you can make it please give me a call so I can prepare for you and introduce you to the other businesses at the meeting.

Dalton Quigley

Date and Place:




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nashville grading

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Nashville Grading and Leveling.


Soil Grading and Back Hoe
Nashville, Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Brentwood,
Franklin, Spring Hill, Nolensville and most
of the Middle Tn area.

Licensed and Insured

Call Now!


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Bradford pear bad reputation

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Bradford Pear Trees Bad Reputation

Written By: Walter Rumble, Sept. 25th, 2009
CEO Community Tree, LLC


Bradford Pear Trees are prone to breakage.

Bradford Pear trees are colorful, grow fast, and are beautifully shaped. One good thing about these trees is that their mature size is limited. These trees are as hard as Oak and make excellent firewood. Often people say that the Bradford Pear is structurally deficient because so many branches originate from such a small central area. This is turn creates a tree with a lot of limbs that cause excessive weight in the canopy, which makes it prone to breakage. With minimum knowledge Bradford Pears can be an awesome addition to the scenery and be enjoyed rather than disliked.

Topping leads to sucker growth and weak wood.

Bradford Pear trees become fully mature at about 25 years of age. When Bradford Pears are 7-12 years old they require a one-time preservation technique that Community Tree calls “stove-piping”. In this method the centers are drastically reduced while the outside of the tree retains it’s natural shape and size. Topping a Bradford is a needless, re-occuring expense that is rarely recommended because it aggravates sucker growth that in a few years makes the original problem much worse.

After “stove-piping” the Bradford Pear’s remaining limbs act as shock absorbers rather than transferring forces to the trunk crotches, which are known to be the breaking point. The weight and leverage that is removed from the tree also re-engineers the Bradford to withstand much more wind, rain, snow and ice. Sunlight now can penetrate the canopy allowing grass under the tree to grow better. This in turn creates healthy topsoil that acts as a natural fertilizer for the tree.

Use proper preservation to keep Pears healthy.

The Bradford’s bad reputation is well deserved but can be avoided by using proper preservation techniques to help maintain a healthy, vibrant and break resistant tree.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of your trees please don’t hesitate to contact us. Also if you’d like to read about something specific in our next newsletter please email us a topic you are interested in learning more about.

More Articles by Community Tree

And as always, visit us online to learn more about our company at

Thank You,

Walter Rumble


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Hinoki Cypress Wells

The purpose of this page is for clients to know what this plant looks like and not for sale purposes.

Great Upscale Evergreen with Character.

There are times when a plant stands out for many reasons and this is one of those times. In the group of plants known as evergreens a Hinoki Cypress Wells is a plant with beauty and natural design characteristics wrapped into this amazing package.


The image below is of three Hinoki Cypress Wells at a local nursery.


Depth, Character, Gradient, Leaf Shape.

Most evergreens don’t come close to the natural magnetic beauty that is in a Hinoki Cypress Wells. In design and beauty it has been known for many years there is a mathmatical formula our minds scan through when we understand that something is pleasing to look at for us. This plant works well with our brains because it tends to have a lighter outer color and a darker center, this gradient effect draws us near to it so we can have a better look, and the curved shape of the leaves follow the same formula as the golden mean which is also pleasing to our minds. The combination of rich texture, color, and shape make this plant amazing even if planted all by itself in a field. But of course you are looking to see whether it will work in your landscape, it should work in most.

The image below is of a closer up view of a Hinoki Cypress Wells.


Upscale and interesting.

When looking to improve the upscale feel of your landscape this is an evergreen to consider plants that are columnar give the feel of an upscale nature. You should look into whether this plant is for sale near you and by adding one to your garden the upscale nature will be elevated.

Zone and Growth

This plant will do well from zones 5 – 11 and overall size 12′ to 15′ tall and can get 4′ wide. Full sun to Mostly Sun will make it happy.


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Skypencil holly Brentwood

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Skypencil Holly Brentwood

By Dalton Quigley

Shade shrubs dying?

When you find that plants are dying from the limited light in the shade there is a great option you can consider Skypencil Hollies.

The below image is of Emerald Arborvitae that were not surviving the shade area they were planted in.


Skypencil Hollies are in the Holly family of which most varieties are shade tolerant. This is a great plant when you want to have a vertical growing plant.

The images below are of the replacement Skypencil Hollies we planted.


Evergreen and slender Skypencil Holly adds an upscale feel and some even think a Mediteranian look to a space.


Planted in rows they can make an elegant privacy screen. The example we have here would be a poor privacy screen because they are so far apart and there is only one row.


For a great look  at layering them, these plants make a great upscale privacy screen.

skypencils in pots 01_edited-2


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Hearts of gold redbud

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Hearts of Gold Redbud


Photo of Hearts of Gold Redbud

The image above is of a Hearts of Gold Redbud Tree.

Beautiful Color.

The Hearts of Gold Redbud is widely known for it’s fantastic color. The time of year that this plant was photographed was in the Middle of Summer in Middle Tn Thompsons Station area. Below are some close ups.

Hearts of Gold redbud close up

The image above is a close up of the new leaf color on a Hearts of Gold Redbud.


The above image shows how the newest leaves have a peach color.

Heart Shaped Leaves.

With heart shaped leaves and an awesome golden color you can easily see how this plant got it’s name, and new leaves have a striking peach color with a little gloss. This plant matures to 20′ or so tall and 18′ or so wide. A great use in the landscape would be just in front of a darker colored background to show off the brightness of the leaves.


This plant is great in zones 5 – 9 in Part Sun to Full Sun.


Call today to have your Hearts of Gold Redbud Delivered and Installed in the Nashville TN area.



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Nashville bagworm

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Nashville Bagworm Problems

The Middle Tn Nashville area has a little pest called the Bagworm.

This insect makes a home in our shrubs and will eat all of the leaves if we are not careful. If you see a Bagworm pick it off and step on it.

Spraying for Bagworms is once a year treatment can help prevent a further infestation later in the year.

There is a little wormlike creature that lives inside of the barklike covering. A bagworm uses parts from your plants to make its little baglike home. Once you find one you know it will make many more of his kind in an effort to completely defoliate your plants.

There are chemicals that kill this pest. Spraying Companies will spray your shrubs to get rid of this pest and the spray usually helps to prevent more from visiting your garden.

You will need to call a company that sprays for Bagworms so they will get under control once and for all. We do not spray for bagworms, this page is for information purposes only.

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Bush hogging

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Bush Hogging

Nashville Bush Hogging

Tall grass, shrubs, and small trees can take over open areas that aren’t maintained. Maintaining the lot you own is a high priority and you want someone trusted and reliable. Whether you need a lot bush hogged or a larger piece of land we are the ones to call.
We have some of the most affordable prices for Bush Hogging in the
Middle Tn Nashville area. Areas we go to are Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Spring Hill, and Nolensville TN. Call for information about if we go to your area to cut lots.



Call now!

Mid South Mulch and Outdoor Services Bush Hogging



Bushhogging photo small


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