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Seeding Lawns in the Nashville Area

nashville seeding lawns middle tn

We will seed your lawn with a high quality Fescue seed or a Blue Grass seed designed for warmer climates.

1/4 Acre

1/2 Acre

1 Acre

We will seed your property with High quality commercial Fescue or Bluegrass seed. Fescue is the most popular seed used to create yards here in Middle Tennessee. Aerating prices are separate. Please call for an aerating quote today.


Nashville Compost

Compost Seeding is Green Landscaping

Seeding- When seeding your lawn it is best to provide the seed with a barrier from the weather ups and downs as well as protection from birds.


Core Aerifying should be done every year at least once.

We can use Straw.

There have been times where we have seeded and then put a fine layer of compost over the seed.

This compost barrier over the seed accomplishes two things.

First: By being beneath a small level of compost moisture and heat is not allowed to escape during the night which helps the seed to germinate.

Second: Birds cannot see the seed to eat it or disturb its position which is very important during the first few days after germination.

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Compost over your seed is not required but straw is recommended. Aerating before we seed is not required but it is recommended.

Another interesting thing that happens when compost seeding is that the lawn is infused with vital nutrients and micro organisms along with organic matter. 1" of aged compost is all that is needed. Make sure the compost is aged because compost that is not aged heats up and can kill the seed. Middle Tennessee has allot of clay with limestone for the most part and composting a yard with seed helps to break up the clay barrier in most yards while also fertilizing.

There is one last benefit to seeding with compost and that is the beneficial micro-organisms mix the existing clay with the compost while excreting very beneficial enzymes into the soil.

A healthy deep green yard requires the ability to hold onto moisture and the organic matter helps with that.

Call for your consultation on Compost Seeding your lawn in the Middle Tn Nashville area. 615-715-8216

With all of the drought this Summer alot of people need their yard seeded. Late Summer early Fall is the best time to seed your yard. Call today to get on our seeding list each year.


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