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Coral Bells ( Palace Purple )

Coral Bells


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Nashville Palace Purple

Coral Bells ( Heuchera )

Palace Purple Coral Bells Nashville Tn Tennessee

Palace Purple Coral Bells

A beautiful addition to any Middle Tennessee garden, the Palace Purple Coral Bell can be grown in partial shade to full sun for ground cover, rock gardens, or in containers. 

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They attract Hummingbirds and Butterflies wherever they are planted.  Mine brighten up an otherwise bland side of my house.  They share space with some variegated ivy and hostas in a spot that gets a nice mix of sun and shade. 

Nashville Coral Bells ( Heuchera ) in a small concrete pot


Their crimson, shimmering green foliage grows in clumps, with the leaves similar in shape to a geranium leaf.   Their dainty, white, bell-shaped flowers grow on tall spikes above the foliage.  The white flowers and crimson leaves make a lovely contrast in the summer sun.  And my little side garden made many Hummingbirds happy this summer between the Coral Bell flowers and my Hosta flowers. 

pruple coral bells ( Heuchera ) Palace Purple Nashville


Palace Purple Coral Bells are considered a hardy, evergreen plant, but they will die back briefly in extreme freezing temperatures.  In the summer, they require water every few days to keep from wilting and need to be fed approximately every 4 months with a slow-release fertilizer or every few weeks with a liquid fertilizer. 

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They should not be over-watered. These plants are susceptible to Japanese Beetles, a common visitor to Middle TN in the summer, but not to their detriment in partial shade.  The Japanese Beetles at my house were too busy chomping through my roses and my Kwanzaan Cherry tree to be bothered with my Coral Bells. 

Nashville Coral Bells


  Do be careful with sprays and powders on your Coral Bells;  they can harm the Hummingbirds and Butterflies. Coral Bells will continue flowering from early summer through August with consistent dead-heading and a few hours of sunlight.  During the fall, the foliage continues to stay crimson, but the flowers die back until spring.  In the early spring, like host as, these plants can be divided after 2 to 3 years of growth.  They grow well in zones 6-7 (Middle TN.)



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