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Nashville Corner Plants for your Home

Corner Plants for a home by Quigleys Landscaping

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Nashville Corner Plants for your home

Landscaping the Corner of Houses

One place I can help you with is the corner of your home. The corner is one of those places in your landscape that needs a plant to soften the edge but not overpower the space. On this page I explain three types of plants that will give you choices to pick from when dressing up the corner of your home. The first is Evergreens, Seccond is Blooming, and Thirdly Fragrant. We hope you find information you use to decide what will go on the corner of your home.



Nashville Holly on corner

Many Varieties of Holly work fine for corners. Dense deep green foliage give privacy as well as decorate the corner.


Nashville Arborvitae for corners Arborvitae make great corners. If you have room use 3 if not use just 1. Arborvitae like these say class and style.
Nashville Hinoki Cypress for corner of homes Hinoki Cypress is one of my Favorite for corners. Many variteies to choose from, even other colors. Deep color and rich texture you can get lost in a Hinoki Cypress.

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If you have an overall theme in your landscaping, like if you have a cottage garden, a xeriscape, or an English Formal Garden you can start there with what plants already go with that theme. If you have no theme then it is possible to drive through your neighborhood looking at the corners of other peoples homes for ideas as to what works in your climate and home type.


Nashville crape myrtle for corner of the home Crape Myrtles can add plenty of color during Summer months. At the corner this would be striking.
Nashville Dogwood corner of home Dogwoods for Spring Blooms will announce the changing of the seasons. On the corner of your home this would deffinately soften the feel in Spring.
Nashville redbud for corner of the home Redbuds also announce Spring just a week or two separation from Dogwoods. Many homes here in the Nashville area have Dogwoods on corners.

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I like to look at the style and shape of the home. Southern Styled home = Magnolias ( Smaller Varieties ) etc. Modern upscale homes use a variety of plants, on this page I am going to list some of the plants I like for corners of homes here in the Nashville Middle Tn area.


Nashville Lilac Lilac in a few colors the scent is heavenly. Big show in Spring but unasuming the rest of the year.
Nashville Magnolia Magnolia different varieties even in evergreen. Great scent beautiful purple, cream, white choices in bloom color.
Nashville Yoshino Cherry corner plant for homes Yoshino Cherry almost frothy in puffy blooms. Stunning in Spring. Nurseries quickly run out of cherry trees in Spring, and they can't be dug during hot months of Summer so get them while you can.


You must decide whether you find one that fits the needs you have such as the size of your home and style. Always remember to read up on any plant you decide to plant to make sure the location you are putting it in will be suitable.


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Corner Holly at a building

A holly used to soften a corner.





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