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Past Projects and Designs.

October 2011

This project is for a client in Smyrna Tn. The first image is just the home.

Smyrna Landscape Design image of home with no landscaping.

In this next image we have added a flagstone walkway and small patio for under the swing.

Smyrna Tn Landscaping image of house with walkways and swing set with tree

In this last image we are suggesting taking the grass area that is between the walkway and driveway and converting it to beds. This would be a more modern look.

Smyrna Tn Hardscapes flagstone walkway and patio for swing set

More images to follow of this Smyrna Tn Landscape Design October 2011.

Below I have added some evergreens under the windows with knockout roses along with a Blue spruce near the driveway. Lets talk about these plants and the e-mail I sent you.

Smyrna Front yard Design evergreens and roses

Smyrna Garden Walls

Smyrna Garden Border

September 2011

I started with a rough concept of the buildings with the view of the back yard.

Nashville Patios before image

The next image shows the 3 levels of the new patio area and walkway without any texture.

Nashville Patio Design image

The third image below shows the patio surface with some texture similar to the stone we are talking with you about.

Nashville Hardscapes example of 3d design of patio

The fourth image has the grill where we discussed.

Nashville Outdoor Grill 3d Design example

And lastly the 5th image shows an arbor example for putting a swing to watch the children play in the play area.

Nashville Arbor example of 3d design with arbor

– August 2011

Hi Dianne Call me if you have any questions – 615-715-8216 Dalton

Nashville Patio Design Image

Next Image has a Kidney shaped patio

Nashville Stone patio Design

This next example is more rounded.

Nashville Rounded Patio Design in Flagstone

This images shows a privacy fence with some evergreen columnar plants. The plants we want to use are not in my image library but this should give you some idea of the concept.

Nashville Patio Design Flagstone with Evergreens and Fence

Call me if you have any questions : 615-715-8216

Below is a Mount Juliet Patio and Arbor Design

The steps are not represented.

Mount Juliet Tn Landscaping and Design for Back yards

Mount Juliet Tn Landscape Design

Mount Juliet Landscape Designs patio with arbor

Mount Juliet Tn Patio Mount Juliet Patio , Mount Juliet Stone patio

Mount Juliet Patios Mount Juliet Tn Patios and Arbors

Nashville Patios - Renovation of a Patio in Mount Juliet Tn

The above photo was taken in August 2011 in Mount Juliet Tn. The 6 photos above are the same project. We want to help you with your back yard project – 615-715-8216

I added a simple tree on the left which would be a Coral Bark Japanese Maple.

Talk to you soon.

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Nashville Landscaping Design

Using existing rock on the property build small garden walls, firepit, and install landscaping to clients needs below are beginnings of the client design..

Nashville Perennial Garden Design

Nashville Landscaping Design

Nashville Landscaping 3d Design

Nashville Front Yard Landscaping Design

Nashville Landscape Design in 3D

Nashville patio Designer with Modern Materials like Stone and pavers.

Patio Builder in Nashville tn Tennessee area. Rounded Patios or even Square patios made of stone or concrete pavers.

Patio Design Nashville Company even using brick pavers. Stone Patios with Flagstone available. Modern patio Designs.

Below are newer images- Please take a look and give me some feedback about how things

appear. Talk to you soon.

Landscape Designer Nashville Tn Brentwood, Franklin, Spring Hill, Murfreesboro, Nolensville, Tennessee

Modern Nashville Landscape Design for Front Yards Tn Tennessee

Tennessee Landscaping Designs for Front yards

Completed project in Nashville Tn ( Photos of Flagstone Walkway Project and Franklin Tn Patio with Firepit Project)

May 2011

Designs are below the photos.

Nashville Patios image of a Franklin Tn project.

Click for Patios.

Nashville Flagstone Walkway and Landscaping, with pine straw mulch and otto luykens with japanese maple.

Click here for our Nashville Patios and Hardscapes Website.

Completed Nolensville Tn project images:

Monday March 14, 2011

Nolensville Tn Gray Flagstone patio project.

Nolensville Tn patios, seccond day of the project

Nashville Patio Project Information about Nashville Patios, Nolensville Tn patio Gray Flagstone Patio

Spring Hill Tn Project Here.

Hi Elizabeth I added some horsetail reed grass near the door. The small green mounds are a green type of sedum. I added a Dogwood Tree and a Redbud Tree as well as a Dwarf Alberta Spruce, and a grouping of 3 Maiden Grasses. I will call you tomorrow.

Spring Hill Tn Landscaping Image

Franklin Tn Project Here.
March 14, 2011

Currently working up estimate on hard surfaces and drainage along with landscaping for back yard.

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