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Edging Flower Beds/ Curbing Flower Beds



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Nashville Edging Flower Beds with Iron and Aluminum Edging for Landscapes - Read Below

Lately we completed a project in the Belle Meade Nashville area where the client needed edging/curbing for their beds. We advised Iron Edging to separate the Pinestraw and Brown Hardwood mulch from the grass and to help with Bermuda grass getting into the beds.


nashville edging for flower beds Before Iron Edging
nashville iron edging nashville edging flower beds

The green Iron edging for flower beds is 4" tall by 8' strips, only a portion of the edging is seen above the grass level, the rest is below where it is safely anchored into the soil. Iron Edging is decorative and very functional for all types of sites. Nashville has allot of sloped sites and this iron edging works great to help hold back soil or mulch.


Nashville iron edging for flower beds after After Iron Edging
nashville edging flower beds after nashville edging flower beds after

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  Close up of Green Iron Edging as a border  
  nashville iron edging for flower beds  


Aluminum Garden Bed Edging similar to this comes in Brown, Bronze, Chrome, and Black ( Below ). We have other products for edging flower beds like Natural Stone, Concrete Borders, and Retaining Wall Block. We want to help you with all of your Landscaping Needs Call us now! 615-715-8216




  Closeup of Black Aluminum landscape Edging for Garden beds  
  Black Aluminum Garden bed edging  


Black Aluminum Landscape Edging used in a Xeriscape.

This Xeriscape is a Natural Stone Drought Resistant Landscape.

This product is great for Edging Flower Beds.

garden edging aluminum black garden edging Aluminum garden edging for flower beds
Black Aluminum curvy edging for gardens Black Aluminum Garden Edging Garden Edging for Flower Beds Aluminum Black

We can create the perfect Aluminum, Iron, Stone, or just a simple dug border for your garden beds ( Below ).

Do you need Nashville Stone for your landscaping?


  Edge for Garden beds gulley, ditch like border  
  A simple dug out garden edge makes a great border when maintained properly. The Garden Edging products above help with grasses that spread laterally. They are not intended to be a cure for all spreading weeds but it is a big help.  


Call us today in the Nashville Tn General area so we can help you have the Landscape Border you want.


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