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Subdivision Entrances


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Nashville Subdivision Entrances

I am posting some of my favorite Landscape Entrances to Subdivisions in the Nashville area. If you have a favorite you would like seen here then just write me in the form to the right and e-mail me some photos. I will post them for you here and give your subdivision entrance a mention.

This is our Feature Entrance -

Montclaire in Brentwood Tn

nashville subdivision entrance landscapes subdivision landscaping entrances nashville
nashville entrances to subdivision landscaping landscaping for subdivision entrances in Nashville

These photos of Montclair Subdivisions Entrance in Brentwood Tn show a well manicured beautifully planned colorful landscape


Watering a Subdivision Entrance

Subdivision Entrances may be located far from a water source so you may have to tie into the city water directly at the street. This can be costly. Costs vary by area so check with your irrigation person as one of the first things you do when planning your subdivision entrances lanscaping.

Did you know there are solar systems that can run your system without having to tie into the nearest residences electricity? There are also battery operated units that you should only have to replace the battery twice a year.

Call me to find out how we can help you have an efficient system.




Nashville Landscaping subdivision entrances
This is an example of a Nashville Subdivision Entrances Landscaping done right.


We want to put your Subdivision Entranceway's Landscaping on our site. If you love your entranceway and want others to be able to see how it is really done then send me an e-mail telling me about it.

A Subdivision Entrance is a statement about who the community is that you are driving into. What do you want that statement to be? I will go over what a balanced landscape for a Subdivision Entrance is below.


Here is another landscaped subdivision entrance

subdivision entrances landscaping
Wyngate Estates Subdivision Entrance - The Landscaping here makes a bold statement about the area you are about to enter. Upscale, Classy, Bright, Clear lines, it makes your spirit soar as you drive through the entrance. Located in Spring Hill Tn.

For a Balanced Subdivision Landscape

First : Evergreens

You should have Evergreens in even proportions on either side of the sign. This creates balace. Even if all you have is four Boxwoods, they should be spaced evenly and placed in the same place on both sides.




Here is another landscaped subdivision entrance

nashville entrance landscaping subdivisions
This is Ridgeport also in Spring Hill Tn. Evergreens frame the signage while bright Bugonias are in a wide span allong the front. Extremely eyecatching as you drive down Duplex in Spring Hill Tn. We think it looks Great.

Seccond : Grasses

You should have at least 1 grass on both sides. Grasses move with the wind and change as the season moves forward. They also give a great contrast in texture to most of the other plants people will use in the landscape.


Here is another landscaped subdivision entrance


nashville subdivision entrances landscaping
Tanyard Springs in Spring Hill Tn has a great use of Evergreens. Framing the signage while adding an upscale feel we think more entrances should take note of Tanyard Springs Entranceway's Landscaping in Spring HIll Tn.

Third : Color

Color can be added a few different ways, most people think of the color being small plants added at the beginning of a season and developing into larger plants you remove later and replace. This is true but did you know that the Evergreens you add can be considered the color also. Shrubs can be colorful. There are several varieties of shrub that make bold color statements while also anchoring the foundation. Perennials can also be your color, and the beauty of adding perennials is that they return year after year without having to replant.

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Japanese painted Fern Landscaping Nashville

Fern for Nashville Japanese Painted Fern

Vase picture landscape nashville landscaping landscaper middle tn tennessee

We can make a waterfeature out of a Pot like this for you. Water Feature Beach Pebbles around the base for the Pondless effect.

Coral Honeysuckel Landscaping in Nashville
Coral Honeysuckel for Trellis or Mailboxes - Drought Tolerant!







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