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Satisfaction GuaranteeĀ  Landscape / Hardscape

If a plant we install dies due to being improperly planted within the first year we will replace it at no cost to the client. If a tree or shrub dies because of other reasons like drought, freeze, or insect damage. We will replace it at cost. If the plant dies due to neglegence on the clients part like under watering, overwatering, or over fertilizing etc; we will be happy to replace it at regular pricing. This guarantee does not apply during Summer (Spring, Fall, and Winter plantings only). If the client does not have an irrigation system the plants are not covered ( Systems include drip systems on a timer purchased by the client and installed by client ) . Sod is never covered in our guarantee and neither are annuals, these plants die too easily to guarantee when not cared for properly. We will install the freshest sod to help ensure success. We will not be responsible for cracked or cracking concrete.


Our Promise to you:

We will provide excellent, timely service with a great attitude. We will keep you updated, communication is key. We will use the best materials possible for your Landscaping Project within your budget. Our pricing will be fair.

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