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The Public today is interested in Green Landscaping. Eco safe landscaping, using compost, water saving, energy saving, time saving, and money saving ideas are all in the spectrum of Green Landscaping.

For instance planting your overall landscape to save on energy bills is a great green Lansdcaping idea. Using your rain water ( when we get some ) to create a bog garden, or rain garden are green ideas for our Landscapes. Planting perennials that grow, bloom, and then go away is a great way to save on annual color. Planting plants at appropriate spacing so to create shade for less weed germination is a great green landscaping idea.

Aerification is a Green way to get air to the roots of your Lawn.

If you have a green landscaping idea you would like to share with the public just send me an e-mail at info@landscapenashville.com and I will share it here on my green landscaping page. We want to get the information out to the public because we all win when we use smarter landscaping practices.

* Use Native Plants - Government web site Green Lansdcaping Native Plants

* About.com Green Ideas - Green Living Ideas by About.com

Nashville Xeriscape - has a green concept by being drought tolerant and half of the plants used are herbs.

We specialize in Landscaping /Hardscape projects that care about more than just now and today. Using all organic compost as a natural fertilizer that helps micro organism activity, and that helps with making plants healthy. With compost in the soil the use of fertilizers can be minimized.

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Green Landscaping is about creating a safer environment, saving money on maintenance costs, and reducing harm to the environment. Green Landscaping is catching on in every neighborhood because simple changes can make great long term benefits to everyone. 615-715-8216

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Our expetise is in the area of Landscapes with Natural Stone, and using natural products to achieve a balance in your Green Landscaping.


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Landscaping Green in Nashville Tn to provide a Landscape safe from chemicals, or high maintenance plantings. Challenging sites are no problem.

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There are many summer flowering shrubs. Cinquefoil (Potentilla), Little leaf Lilac (Syringa microphylla) are good examples that provide bloom throughout the summer months from spring to early fall.

Green Landscapes are special, Tennessee in general has allot of clay soils. If you mix in some all organic compost you can break up the clay and add to the micro- organisms that will help to create a healthier soil for you in the future.In Tennessee during the Summer organic material helps hold moisture in the soil. With a drought every Late Summer we need help with water.

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