Hearts of gold redbud

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Hearts of Gold Redbud


Photo of Hearts of Gold Redbud

The image above is of a Hearts of Gold Redbud Tree.

Beautiful Color.

The Hearts of Gold Redbud is widely known for it’s fantastic color. The time of year that this plant was photographed was in the Middle of Summer in Middle Tn Thompsons Station area. Below are some close ups.

Hearts of Gold redbud close up

The image above is a close up of the new leaf color on a Hearts of Gold Redbud.


The above image shows how the newest leaves have a peach color.

Heart Shaped Leaves.

With heart shaped leaves and an awesome golden color you can easily see how this plant got it’s name, and new leaves have a striking peach color with a little gloss. This plant matures to 20′ or so tall and 18′ or so wide. A great use in the landscape would be just in front of a darker colored background to show off the brightness of the leaves.


This plant is great in zones 5 – 9 in Part Sun to Full Sun.


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