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Hinoki Cypress Wells

The purpose of this page is for clients to know what this plant looks like and not for sale purposes.

Great Upscale Evergreen with Character.

There are times when a plant stands out for many reasons and this is one of those times. In the group of plants known as evergreens a Hinoki Cypress Wells is a plant with beauty and natural design characteristics wrapped into this amazing package.


The image below is of three Hinoki Cypress Wells at a local nursery.


Depth, Character, Gradient, Leaf Shape.

Most evergreens don’t come close to the natural magnetic beauty that is in a Hinoki Cypress Wells. In design and beauty it has been known for many years there is a mathmatical formula our minds scan through when we understand that something is pleasing to look at for us. This plant works well with our brains because it tends to have a lighter outer color and a darker center, this gradient effect draws us near to it so we can have a better look, and the curved shape of the leaves follow the same formula as the golden mean which is also pleasing to our minds. The combination of rich texture, color, and shape make this plant amazing even if planted all by itself in a field. But of course you are looking to see whether it will work in your landscape, it should work in most.

The image below is of a closer up view of a Hinoki Cypress Wells.


Upscale and interesting.

When looking to improve the upscale feel of your landscape this is an evergreen to consider plants that are columnar give the feel of an upscale nature. You should look into whether this plant is for sale near you and by adding one to your garden the upscale nature will be elevated.

Zone and Growth

This plant will do well from zones 5 – 11 and overall size 12′ to 15′ tall and can get 4′ wide. Full sun to Mostly Sun will make it happy.


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