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French Drain

Here is a picture and information on construction of French Drains. We install all types of drains but if you want a decorative as well as functional drain a French Drain will suite you well. We even make our French Drains with Natural Stone.

Must See! Here is a Slideshow Presentation of one of our French Drains.


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Simple French Drain Construction Instructions and Supplies Needed:

Supplies for Drainage:

# Drain box or boxes( How many you decide).

Landscape fabric or Iron edging for sides.

4" Drain pipe perforated on one side( How long you decide).

Crushed Limestone

Decorative loose stone for the top.

We would love to do your Drainage in Middle Tn Project


1. Dig a trench for your French Drain from your problem area to an area where the water can safely travel away from the site while not impacting anyone else's property.

2. Make sure your trench is sloped correctly while also being at the proper depth for your 4" drain pipe to be laid.

3. Some people line the bottom and sides of the French Drain with Landscape Fabric to prevent soil from entering the drain. If you have heavy clay site it may not be necessary. I also have used landscape Iron on the sides to prevent soil from entering the drain but every site is different and yo will have to use your judgement. Add limestone to all of your drain trench, about 2" should be good. Tamp the limestone down to get air pockets settled out.

4. If you are connecting a drain box or boxes first you must dig out the areas for the base of the box to be placed. I usually use a base of limestone for Drain box bases( 2" of crushed lime tamped in should be fine for a small box like 12" or 14" square).

If you need Nashville Stone Click here.

5. Level and connect your boxes to the drain pipe at all locations making sure your perforated side of the drain pipe is facing up or down depending on how you are making it. If you are using a landscape fabric liner you will need to check the liner to make sure everything is still in place.

6. Once your boxes are connected, your liner is in place, and your drain pipe is all proper. You can backfill. If the decorative stone you are using for the visable portion of the drain is really expensive and you would like to save a few dollars you can backfill with a Limestone product then use your decorative stone last. A stone dealer should be able to tell you how much stone you will need if you give them the dimentions. What you will see on top is the decorative stone but the lime below it works just as well and will probably be about half the price or less.

Great job you now have a French Drain.






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