Leyland Cypress Privacy Screen

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Leyland Cypress Privacy Screen Video

Sensitivity of Leyland Cypress

Our experience with Leyland Cypress is that if you plant 10 there is a high chance you may lose one or two. There are many factors that affect a plant from when it is dug to handling on the way to the location and then afterward. With this plant if everything is done correctly the first year is such a critical time frame. The positive thing is that Leylands aren’t very expensive as plants generally go and they grow really fast ( up to 5′ a year ).

This Video

We installed this privacy screen in the corner of a property in Franklin Tn. The client had the home for sale and while speaking with the realtor discovered views from the back yard they wished to block. We gave them an estimate and then delivered and installed a few Leyland Cypress for a privacy screen and the corner in this video was part of that project. We hope you enjoy our Leyland Cypress Privacy Screen Video.

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