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Read below for Low Maintenance Landscaping Suggestions *

With everyones busy schedule watering, pruning, mowing, fertilizing, shearing, dividing are all chores in the Landscape we wish we could avoid. Here in Nashville Buying Low maintenance Plants makes a difference.

low maintenance landscaping drought tolerant grass photo


* Most Perrennial Grasses are drought tolerant and only require trimming 1 time a year.

* Plant Perennials and you will have a plant that provides beauty year after year. If you plant Perennails you do it once and if conditions are right you can have a blooming plant for many years at the same cost as Annuals without having to replace them. You can avoid some or most of the chores on your property with some careful choices early on in the planning process of your landscaping.

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low maintenance landscaping with perrennials use hostas


*Hostas are a great example of a perrennial plant that gives beauty and returns year after year - no need for a Summer Shade Annual.


*Another Suggestion for Low Maintenance Landscaping is to use plants that will grow to be the exact size you need there-by reducing the need for trimming. Many people buy a plant that will outgrow its designated area and so it will have to be trimmed often to keep it the desired size. These Conical Boxwoods are a great example of a plant that grows in the shape that you see, they are Green Mountain Boxwoods and they grow this shape naturally.


low maintenance landscaping boxwoods * Green Mountain Boxwoods grow in a conical Shape so they are lower maintenance.

So how can you achieve a lower maintenance landscape starting today?

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Remember there is no such thing as a no maintenance landscape ( a driveway with plastic flowers would be that and it would still get weeds in the cracks and need to be dusted).



low maintenance landscaping xeriscape photo *Xeriscaping is a great way to have a Landscape that requires less water and attention in general while also being upscale and beautiful
Xeriscape Low Maintenance Landscape - Natural Stone, Drought tolerant plants. Xeriscape Page

*Xeriscaping takes away the need to replace mulch every year. For the price of about 2 or 3 mulchings you can usually get stone and have the lowest maintenance material around. Stone lets air pass through to roots, prevents weeds, and doesn't have to be replaced.

low maintenance ideas for the landscape irrigation * Irrigation Saves you time each day not having to water.

*Now for my Last Suggestion as to how to make a lower maintenance landscape. Put in an irrigation system. A simple irrigation system in your landscape beds protects your investment in the plants around your home, and waters your plants while your eating breakfast and watching the morning news.


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