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Past Pennsylvania Ashlar and Rubble Stone Fireplace Project

This was a fantastic project we completed several years ago in Murfreesboro Tennessee. In a back yard that leads to a pool area we were  hired to make a Pennsylvania flagstone patio / walkway, and natural stone rubble stack fireplace. The first image is of the completed job and the rest of the photos show the job in progress.  Next to make the benches, grout and clean and seal the patio/walkway.

The next few images are showing the project as it was in progress.

Pennsylvania stone patio and fireplace photos of job in progress.

Pennsylvania stone goes by Pennsylvania Flagstone, or this patio could be called a Pennsylvania Ashlar Pattern Patio. Ashlar is the pattern the stone is laid out in and you know it is Pennsylvania because when you stand back there is a bluey green color on the overall surface. The clean lines and natural patterns of the stone make it a fantastic contrast between natural stone’s organic patterns and clean diamond cut straight lines. Much like how a granite counter top has that play of organic patterns but being man made with straight lines.

Project photos below.


Thank you

Thank you for looking at one of my projects. I hope you learned something about Pennsylvania stone and would even consider using it on your property.

The below image is a different Pennsylvania stone project image.

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