Nashville bagworm

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Nashville Bagworm Problems

The Middle Tn Nashville area has a little pest called the Bagworm.

This insect makes a home in our shrubs and will eat all of the leaves if we are not careful. If you see a Bagworm pick it off and step on it.

Spraying for Bagworms is once a year treatment can help prevent a further infestation later in the year.

There is a little wormlike creature that lives inside of the barklike covering. A bagworm uses parts from your plants to make its little baglike home. Once you find one you know it will make many more of his kind in an effort to completely defoliate your plants.

There are chemicals that kill this pest. Spraying Companies will spray your shrubs to get rid of this pest and the spray usually helps to prevent more from visiting your garden.

You will need to call a company that sprays for Bagworms so they will get under control once and for all. We do not spray for bagworms, this page is for information purposes only.

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