Nashville Landscaping Water Features

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Landscaping Water Features

The sound of water burbling over rocks is one of the most basic, relaxing sounds that we humans have been using to gauge our levels of happiness. The sound of moving water implies there is plenty to drink nearby, probably fresh vegetation to eat, and a healthy, well-watered landscape in which to scratch out a home.

Video of Bubbling Boulder Installation

We are attracted to the sound of water.

Our cavemen brains are probably still wired to be attracted to the sound of water.
Today, we usually follow the humming sound of the refrigerator when we want something fresh to eat and cold to drink, but our basic instincts have never let go of the sense of security and relaxation we find from the sounds of water. We vacation at the beach, we play at a swimming pool, and sometimes, when we do landscaping projects, we install our own water feature in our lawns.
Relaxing to the sounds of flowing of water, in the peace and privacy of our own yards, is a growing landscaping trend, and a healthy, zen-like way to unwind.

Making water features easier to maintain.

Water features used to simply mean an outdoor fish pond. But ponds are difficult to maintain. Algae builds up, mosquitoes congregate, the water evaporates, and the fish need to be fed. So consider instead water feature that is a simple fountain.
An underground pump recirculates the water in a fountain, which lets the water burble over decorative stones, or a statue, or a piece of sculpture. The moving water prevents insects from breeding, and an infrequent shot of chlorine into the pump will keep any algae from growing.
Plus, the water will not evaporate nearly as fast as the water in a fish pond, so refills with a garden hose will be rare.

Relax your mind.

The tranquility that a water feature provides as a landscaping feature is proven time and time again when homeowners and guests find themselves moving their patio furniture closer to the water, to better hear the delicate sounds, and to see how the moving water catches the light. Stonework will glisten when it’s wet, providing a lovely visual centerpiece.
If you want a home where you can relax outside, and listen to the gentle chatters and whispers of moving water, consider installing a water feature.
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