Perennial flower bed

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This page is an invitation to create
your own Nashville Perennial Bed.

Picture of Pink Butterfly BushPink Butterfly Bush Bloom – Perennial

The Nashville Tn area has it’s own climate and dificulties with having a great garden.
Perennial Beds are areas you have separated for growing your plants that will return from year to year as the seasons change. Perennials emerge from the ground in Spring, fill out to their full sizes at different times during the growing season and bloom at the appropriate time. If you plan careflully you can have a succession of blooming plants all season long.

Gardners Need a Potting Station
Here on this page is a list of plants you can use and some basic information about them. A list and some photos of Perennials that work well in our area, and a description of how to make a perennial bed.
Using Perennials is a Green Landscaping Tip.
Perennials return year after year without replanting.

A Perennial Bed
perennial garden bed
This photo from

To build a perennial garden bed you will have to mark out an area large enough to fit your full grown perennial plants. Mark out your area with a garden hose or piece of rope. Perennial Garden Location and Shape.
To get an approximate area mulitiply your lenghth times your width. If your area is irregular break it up into smaller squares and measure those areas and add them together for your total. For instance if you have a peanut shaped area take the two larger circular type areas and make two squares and add them together. Decide on what type of location you have such at Sun- 5 to 8 hours of Direct Full Sun, Partial- under 5 hours of direct sun but more than 2 hours, or Shade which will be under trees with only filtered light, north side of your home, or under 2 hours of direct sunlight. Chose plants appropriate to your type of area. Then Design your space placing the larger plants in groupings toward the middle if an island or at the back if there is something larger to one side. Give the appearance of a tiered effect. Read up on each plant paying careful attention to the space it needs to grow to full size.
Here in Tennessee you won’t have a problem if you need plenty of lime or clay in your perennial beds but chances are that most of the plants you will choose would prefer a different soil. Read about each plant you pick to find out what it likes in a soil and location conditions. Most people tend to think of plants just wanting to be outside and in the ground but sometimes it is a little more complicated than that. Ask the nursery you buy the plant from about the plant or just read up about it online from a trusted source. Then buy the soil that will make your plants grow abundantly and put it down in the appropriate amounts.
Many perennials make flowers so choose carefully which plant you choose.

Some Perennials for Nashville Tn
( not a complete list )

Plant Name Bloom Y or N Foliage Color Sun/Shade/Partial
Cone Flower Yes Green Sun
Daylilly Yes Green Sun
Butterfly Bush Yes Green Sun
Bellflower Yes Green Sun
Candytuft Yes Green Sun
Lavendar Yes Steel Blue Green Sun
Yarrow Yes Light Green Sun
Butterfly Weed Yes Green Sun
Coreopsis Yes Green Sun
Baloon Flower Yes Green Sun
Iris Yes Green Sword like Sun
Catmint Yes Blue/Green Mounding Sun
Aster Yes Green Sun
Russian Sage Yes Silver/Green Spilling over Sun
Stonecrop Yes not much Purple / Green Sun
Coral Bells Yes not much Many Colors Grapelike foliage Sun
Coleus ( annual ) Yes not much Many colors grown for foliage Sun
Japanese Painted Fern No Silver/Maroon/Green Partial
Sage Purple No Green and Purple leaves Sun
Rosemary No Dark Green Glossy leaves Sun
Lenten Rose Yes Roselike colors Shade
Hosta Yes Verigated to Green and Blue Shade
Astilbe Yes Different colors to choose from Shade
Hydrangea Yes Green Shade
Dwarf Blue Fescue No Blue Grasslike leaves Sun
Japanese Blood Grass No Red veined leaves 2′ tall Sun
Miscanthus ( Maiden Grass) No Medium Green Fall Plumes Sun
Penesetum No Plumes Sun

We make georgeous perennial beds for clients.
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Cone- flower

pixie coneflower.jpeg Photo from-

Yellow Daylilly Perennial Our Photos
Butterfly Bush


Butterfly Bush and Butterfly Our Photos


Bellflower Photo From-

Candytuft Nashville Tn perennial Photo From-

Grey Blue Lavendar Leaves perennial bed page Photo from-

Yarrow Photo from-
Butterfly Weed

Asclepias tuberosa Photo from-

Coreopsis Perennial for Nashville garden Beds Photo from-
Baloon Flower

Baloon fower for Perennial Beds in Nashville Photo from –

Iris for Perennial Beds in Nashville Tn Our Photos

Patial to Sun
Catmint for Perennial beds in Nashville Tn Photo from-

photo Aster flowers couple photo Wedelia trilobata  Photo from-
Russian Sage

Russian Sage Our Photos

Purple Stonecrop Our PhotosCoral Bells

Partial to Sun
Coral Bells Palace Purple Our Photos

Actually an annual in Tennessee but great in Perennial Beds.

Coleus Our Photos
Japanese Painted Fern

Japanese Painted Fern Our Photos
Sage Purple

purple sage perennial Our Photos

The form in the photo is
Creeping Rosemary


Rosemary Creeping Our Photos
Lenten Rose

Lenten Rose Perennial for Nashville Perennial Beds Photo from-


HostaOur Photos


Astilbe for Nashville Perennial Beds Photo from-
Dwarf Blue Fescue

Dwarf Blue Fescue for contrast in Perennial beds Photo from –
Japanese Blood Grass

Japanese Blood grass for Perennial gardens in Nashville Tn
Photo from –
( Maiden Grass )

SunMaiden Grass - Miscanthus Our Photos








Perennial grass penesetumOur Photos


Hydrangea BlueOur Photos



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