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We are here to help you plant properly!

Most of the time a person buys a plant and keeps the plant in its pot. The plant continues to grow and no longer fits. Your plant needs to be planted and here are the instructions to move it from Pot to ground. Use gloves if you have a thorny plant like this Knockout Rose.


  Propper planting of potted plants photo  
Knockout Rose - Pink - Drought tolerant - Easy care Rose


You need to do a little research on your plant to find out what type of location outside will work for it. We're assuming that the plant you have is a good one for your climate.

Now you have picked a spot what do we do next?


Franklin Testimonial:
Dalton and his crew showed up early in the morning and were finished by late afternoon.  It was no easy project either.  I had stumps and shrubs to pull up and all of my flower beds around my house were a complete mess.  My place went from looking like a disaster to being a clean and inviting environment.  The maintenance is now so much easier as well!  Dalton did exactly what I asked without me having to shadow him at all.  I needed my work done by a certain date and with only a few days notice, he rearranged his schedule to fit me in and get the job completed. His price was reasonable and his work was superb.  I couldn't be any more pleased with the landscaping done by Quigley's.  

First: Dig a hole roughly three times the size around as the size of the pot the plant is in and deep enough so that once the plant is sitting the hole it sits just above normal soil level.


  hole in the soil for proper planting of a plant  
Digging Hole

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Seccond: Place your plant on its side and press down on the plastic.


  press down on side of plant pot for propper planting  
Press down on Side

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Third: Roll the plant back and forth while applying pressure.


  rolling pot while applying pressure to plant a plant properly  
Roll and then press again


Fourth: The plant should now slide out of your pot by lifting the pot and gently pulling at the center base of the plant. Depending on how delicate your plant is you may just want to keep rolling and pressing and then tilting the plant sideways until it slides out gently.


  pulling gently after loosening plant from pot to plant properly  
Check after a few rolls to see if the plant pulls right out


Fifth: Next to your planting hole tilt the base of the plant toward the hole and roll the plants base into it.


  roll plant into hole for proper planting.  
Rolling into the planting hole


Sixth: Center your plant and stand back, as long as your plants soil level is just above normal soil level you are ready to find the best side to face toward where most people will view it from. Most plants we plant are rotated a couple of times to find the best side.


  place plant into hole and center it for proper planting  
Once in hole find your good side


Seventh: Once you have your plant in the hole to the right depth and rotated to its best side go ahead backfill the soil you took out and water.


  backfill your soil around your plant and water and you have a properly planted plant  
Finish by Backfilling around the plant -- Great Job.

Now you can plant properly. If you need Landscaping services in the Nashville Middle Tn area. Come to us for all of your Landscaping needs and information ! www.Landscapenashville.com

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Tip - Fertilize your plants each year. I know this may seem obvious. As a homeowner you should know that a healthy plant has its own defense system. Once you allow your landscape to decline from not fertilizing and watering, pests and disease easily take over and make a larger problem.


Our expetise is in the area of Nashville Landscapes with Natural Stone, Landscaping Design, Installation, and Maintenance of all property sizes and project sizes.

We love to provide beauty in the Landscape in Nashville where a problem may have existed before. Challenging sites are no problem.

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Landscaping Tip: Grass seed needs warm weather to germinate, also consistent moisture until it is established is necessary to create a great yard. Fertilize your newly germinating seed with a mild all organic fertilizer and watch your yard turn into a green paradise.


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