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Curb Appeal Suggestions


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What does someone think when they see your clients home? Do they think (oh look another project) or do they think Wow, Great ( Move in condition )? The secret is called Curb Appeal.Stand in the street at your home and take a minute to view it from a buyers perspective. Would they want to walk toward the door of your clients home based on the looks? Does your clients home say Buy me?

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Curb Appeal Suggestions


We provide Curb Appeal for Home-owners and Realty Professionals.


Curb Appeal Suggestion #1

* Mow the Lawn, buyers to our area are moving here from other major cities where the properties may be kept to a high standard.


Curb Appeal Suggestion #2

* Do appropriate trimming of shrubs and other plants. Give your home some Curb Appeal Nashville!( remove dead material etc.) How do your shrubs reflect on the inside of the home. If it looks bad on the outside how was the inside maintained?

(I recently spoke to a realtor who was showing a couple a home that was one of her listings during a tour of some homes. The clients asked her to drive on from one of her listings because of the overgrown lawn)

Get Curb Appeal for your Listing Now!


Curb Appeal Suggestion #3

* Remove trash or fix broken items, no-one wants to buy a home that has a bunch of things to fix and the people who do expect you to give them cash back for the trouble. If perspective buyers see problems from the curb many will not even give your property a seccond glance.

(Some of your clients think they are saving a few dollars by not updating the property for sale but this could be a mistake in judgement because if the home buyer will not even get out of the car to go into the home, it will never have a chance to sell it self.)


Curb Appeal Suggestion #4

* Put in Drainage where needed! French Drains are decorative, functional and have broad appeal. Wet spots on your property can be problem areas. We can install a drain or create a swale to move the water to another location. Don't pass on drainage problems to the next guy, deal with them and make a sale.


Curb Appeal Suggestion #5

* Retaining wall or no retaining wall? Areas that call for a retaining wall have many choices to choose from. Sometimes a steep landscaped slope is a better cost effective solution for a sharp grade. Sometimes a wall is called for. Always install what is called for and never take shortcuts with loadbearing walls. A Natural Stone wall can add value to the property and provide great stability while increasing the homes visual appeal.


Curb Appeal Suggestion #6

* Plant some Flowers Near the Entrance!! Nothing makes people look toward the door like some eyecatching colorful flowers. Focal points like this give people a destination to walk to.

Curb Appeal Suggestion #7

On the day of your showing get some baloons and place them prominently where from down the street homebuyers can see them.


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Curb Appeal Sells Homes
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