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Some past landscape related projects below:

A random collection of past design images coupled with images of the completed project or in progress with a music video I helped with.

 First image and video

This first image and video go together as a couple. What you are seeing in the first grouping of three photos is me at a scene we helped create for a music video and what it looks like behind the scenes at that video.

Music Video Project
Nashville Landscape for videos

Keith Urban Malibu Beach Scene.
A music video was filmed on a beach in California and when it was done they still needed more scenes for the video so a very talented person was hired to bring an authentic Malibu Beach feel to a studio. I was asked to find boulders to match Malibu, after texting several images of boulders from driving all over town the higher ups agreed on a couple of large ones I sent in. We were asked to help and we wound up providing the boulders and a few yards of sand. The gracious people who put the whole thing together allowed me to hang around during filming and I had a blast. The above image are three photos I think they wouldn’t mind me sharing.
Scenes are after 3:25 on the video.

Next is a Stone Patio and Cedar Arbor project

This video runs a little long because it was one of my earlier videos of my projects. This job was a real joy the customer had a 3 level deck that we took apart and installed a gorgeous flagstone patio with an amazing cedar arbor. Take a look.

Stone patio project with Cedar Arbor


The next set of three images are a beautiful flagstone patio with fire pit back yard I designed


Franklin Tn Landscaping Brentwood Tn Landscaping Stone Walkway Firepit Landscape Design

Nashville Landscaping with natural stone in Franklin Tn.


Nashville Landscaping Image of a project completed in Nashville Tn.


Gray flagstone back yard patio with fire pit project image from during the job there is no completed image.


Gray stone patio fire pit area in Nashville TN
Nashville Outdoor Fire Pit Nashville Patio, Nashville retaining wall

All images below this point are the graphic landscape design images used to perform the above project.

Nashville patio, Nashville stone patio, nashville fire pit, nashville back yard design

The seating will move to your liking and be more curved.

Nashville patio design and seating with fire pit

Thank you so much for looking at some of my past projects. I hope you enjoyed my sharing enough to give me a like or share with your friends. Have a great day.

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