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Fall Seeding List



Please fill out our form to the right to get on our Fall Seeding List. We seed with high quality commercial Tall Fescue Seed. The seed we buy has a high germination rate so more of the seed put down actually becomes grass. The seed we spread also has been grown to resist some funguses, insects, has a deep green color, and is more drought resistant than most fescues. When a person is on our list early it helps us to plan Fall Seeding early and you make sure you get seeded during that critical window of opportunity and actually have grass by Winter. Call us with your questions


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nashville grass seeding list
Thick Deep Green Fescue

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Seeding Schedule and why

Seed in the late Summer early Fall have grass by Winter.

Spring - Fertilize with a Pre- Emergent for weeds, and have great grass during Summer.

Seed again in late Summer early Fall for grass by Winter. Each year this is the process that works best in Middle Tn Nashville area.



There are other grasses that work here in Middle Tn Nashville.

Another way to seed and have success is Compost Seeding. Stop the guesswork with a Nashville Soil Test.


Having a nice lawn here in Nashville can be a difficult project for anyone. We want to help. If you need advice and want a consulation on your yard we are just a phone call or message away through our form. Thank you for visiting our site we hope you found the information you needed.

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Landscaping with Water Savings in mind!

We can build a Nashville Xeriscape for you

Japanese painted Fern Landscaping Nashville

Fern for Nashville Japanese Painted Fern

Vase picture landscape nashville landscaping landscaper middle tn tennessee

We can make a Nashville waterfeature out of a Pot like this for you. Water Feature Beach Pebbles around the base for the Pondless effect.

Coral Honeysuckel Landscaping in Nashville
Coral Honeysuckel for Trellis or Mailboxes - Drought Tolerant!


Nashville Edging for Flower Beds

Nashville Corner Plants for your Home






We plant Ornamental and Noninvasive Species, we also use all organic compost.

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How Can we use water for our Landscaping in Nashville more efficiently? Do you really want to know?


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