Skypencil holly Brentwood

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Skypencil Holly Brentwood

By Dalton Quigley

Shade shrubs dying?

When you find that plants are dying from the limited light in the shade there is a great option you can consider Skypencil Hollies.

The below image is of Emerald Arborvitae that were not surviving the shade area they were planted in.


Skypencil Hollies are in the Holly family of which most varieties are shade tolerant. This is a great plant when you want to have a vertical growing plant.

The images below are of the replacement Skypencil Hollies we planted.


Evergreen and slender Skypencil Holly adds an upscale feel and some even think a Mediteranian look to a space.


Planted in rows they can make an elegant privacy screen. The example we have here would be a poor privacy screen because they are so far apart and there is only one row.


For a great look  at layering them, these plants make a great upscale privacy screen.

skypencils in pots 01_edited-2


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